With over 26 years’ experience in successfully launching, growing and revitalising teams, divisions and companies internationally Commerce Interact’s management team believes in investing in each of it’s employees along with creating a professional, supportive, high achieving company culture for each team member to excel within.

Following comprehensive induction training each team member is given clear objectives and responsibilities and supported through structured training and  day to day mentoring and development by managers and senior team members.

We hire for intelligence, work ethic and a drive to progress and succeed. Trained team members work with a high level of autonomy with managers providing guidance, ongoing training and support.

Depending on the role and stage of development we hold monthly, quarterly or annual reviews to discuss ongoing development and progression to help each team member to achieve their potential and take advantage of new responsibilities and opportunities as the company grows.

As a meritocratic company we welcome ambition, discussing expectations and detailing the skills, experience and track record required to successfully progress onto new roles. 

The investment we put into our team’s learning and development, supported by our company culture, is the foundation of our businesses’ success and positively impacts every aspect of what we do, from the quality of event delivery to the high level of customer satisfaction.