Through providing a clear career development path, supported by training and mentoring, each team member has the opportunity to drive and progress their career at Commerce Interact.

As a growing business we are aligned with developing and progressing our team through their careers.

Having joined as recent graduates, or with developed work experience and skills, following are the career paths some of our team members have progressed along since they started with Commerce Interact:


Through Sales

Sales Executive → Senior Sales Executive → Sales Team Manager → Sales Director

Delegate Sales → Sponsorship Sales → Sales Team Manager → Division Director

Sales Executive → Senior Sales Executive → New Product Development Manager


Through Marketing

Marketing Assistant → Marketing Manager → Senior Marketing Manager → Marketing Team Manager

Marketing Manager → New Projects Manager


Through Event Management

Event Coordinator → Event Manager → Event Team Manager

Event Manager → Delegate Sales → Sponsorship Sales → Sales Team Manager → Conference Producer → Division Director


Through Conference Production

Conference Producer → Senior Conference Producer → Conference Director


We look for ambitious people. Our commitment to progress is something you’ll feel from the day you start. No matter which position you hold there will be a pressing need to learn quickly and to advance with the ever expanding needs of the business. Our highest achievers are those who enjoy the challenge that our work offers and the opportunities it provides.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of growing something new, and making a difference.

We offer competitive compensation and a great working environment in a fantastic location. A special group of people, fun events and the occasional international trip bring it all together.