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Established Importer and Distributor Sourcing Events

Established Importer & Distributor Sourcing Events


USA – 01-02 Mar 2022
Canada – 01-02 Mar 2022
Latin America – 12-14 Jul 2022


Japan – 14-15 Mar 2022
South Korea – 14-15 Mar 2022
China – 16-17 Mar 2022
Hong Kong – 26-28 Apr 2022
Malaysia – 26-28 Apr 2022
Singapore – 26-28 Apr 2022
Taiwan – 26-28 Apr 2022
Vietnam – 26-28 Apr 2022


Denmark & Sweden – 01-03 Feb 2022
Germany – 01-03 Feb 2022
Netherlands – 01-03 Feb 2022
Poland – 01-03 Feb 2022
Russia – 01-03 Feb 2022
United Kingdom – 01-03 Feb 2022


Additional Dates – 29-31 Mar 2022

Demand Driven Meetings, exclusively with Importer & Distributor Decision Makers

• We speak directly with the Owners, CEOs & Head Wine Buyers from established, quality focused Importers
• Only actively sourcing Importers & Distributors from each country participate
• The meetings we schedule are demand driven, selected by the Importers/Distributors based on their current sourcing requirements
• All Buyers invited are provided with your product details and pricing, prior to selecting meetings, to help generate relevant contacts

Importer/Distributor Introduction and Screening Opportunity

• This service identifies Importers & Distributors actively sourcing new product for their present demand
• Use the meetings to identify sales opportunities and screen potential business partners
• Shortlist the Importers/Distributors you wish to send samples to and progress business discussions with

The Business Development Event Format & Agenda

• Comprehensive Market Exposure From Start of Importer Campaign to Event Date
• Demand Driven, Pre-Scheduled online Importer/Distributor Meetings
• During the event you are able to contact Importers directly and request additional meetings

During Periods of Restricted Travel & Social Distancing

• Our sales team is calling each market to identify and invite the Importers who are presently sourcing new wines for their portfolios
• To provide you with valuable business opportunities during the travel restrictions, your event and meeting schedule is delivered via an interactive online event,
video meeting, messaging and document sharing platform

9,015 Importer-Producer Business Meetings Delivered since April 2020

• Since the start of the pandemic, we are proud to have supported our clients through qualifying and delivering over 9,015 one-to-one meetings
with wine Importers sourcing new wines, across 56 Importer Sourcing Events internationally
• 977 Importers sourcing new wines, based on their present demand, attended
• 9,015 pre-qualified, one-to-one business meetings took place between wine Importers and Producers
• In July 2021, World’s Leading Wines organised our 4th series of Online Importer Sourcing Meetings across Europe, North America and South East Asia
  • Comprehensive Importer Databases

    Over the past 10 years we have developed comprehensive databases of, and relationships with importers in each market.

  • Extensive Market Exposure

    Our sales team has continued to find importer demand for a broad range of producers throughout the pandemic in each market we work in.

  • Pre-Scheduled, Demand Driven Meetings

    We have delivered over 9,000 demand driven meetings between importers and producers since the start of the pandemic.

  • Maximum Exposure, With Minimum Competition

    To ensure you gain clear exposure with Importers & Distributors presently sourcing your type of product we limit the number of wine producers producing per category.

  • The Online Business Meeting Platform

    Your meetings are delivered through our bespoke online platform with full customer support provided throughout the event.

For more information please get in touch:

Client Feedback:

“Today we delivered our first order to importer we met at your online event.”
La Meridiana, ITALY

“Importers got straight to the point and you only meet interested contacts. Less time wasted than a classic trade fair. A great event. Thanks for your organization and your ability to transform your event into a new format in such a quick time.”
GIE Terroirs d’Excellence Diffusion, FRANCE

“Possibly the best and the only format possible in 2020. Everything worked perfectly. The whole event organization was extremely professional.”
Mullin Estate Wines, ITALY

“Very happy with the amount of importer meetings I had.”
Cooperativa Falset Marca, SPAIN

“Very happy with the events. We’ve got a number of strong leads.“
Corte Scaletta, ITALY

“The event was perfectly run.”
Pinino, ITALY

“I want to congratulate you and your team for the professionalism with which you handled the event. We were very pleased with the meetings we had and we are looking forward to the results.”
Budureasca, ROMANIA

“Absolutely effective format during the travel restrictions.”

“A very good way to establish the first contact with the importer. I would recommend this online event format both during travel restrictions and also after.”
Herdade das Servas, PORTUGAL

“The online event worked well, it was efficient and productive.”
De Grendel Wines, SOUTH AFRICA

“I think your efforts in finding a solution, in a such quick time and in a such unreal and difficult situation for the whole world, have to be appreciated. Good results and potentially good opportunities.”
Monterinaldi, ITALY

“Thanks to you and your team for this great effort. It was a great opportunity to meet and contact new potential customers. In this extraordinary time we don’t have any other way to do that. In my opinion it is an effective way to meet and present our range of wines.”

“The online event was very efficient – a personal way to approach future clients.”
Cantina Horus, ITALY

“The event was well coordinated, and I’ll be interested to participate in additional events.”
Château Picoron, FRANCE

“Importers were all focused and interested. Very impressed by the format of the online event and your service – beyond expectations.”
Bava Winery, ITALY

“The online event was good and I’d participate in this format again.”
Domaine du Bicheron, FRANCE

“Online event is a very good alternative solution. I had a lot of meeting requests and I am convinced that I should receive orders in the following days, weeks or months.”
Céline Daumas Domaines & Châteaux, FRANCE

“The online importer souring event went very well for us, I think you should continue the online format even once the social distancing is over.”
António Lopes Ribeiro Wines, PORTUGAL

Video feedback from producers who participated in the
USA Online Importer Sourcing Event

Since April 2020 World’s Leading Wines has delivered 4 successful Online Importer Sourcing Events for wine producers targeting the North American market, resulting in:

• An average of 128 North American importers and distributors attending each event to source new wines

• Over 4,000 pre-qualified, one-to-one business meetings between North American wine importers/distributors and the participating producers

   • Only 3 wine producers per region participate to maximise your exposure to each importer we contact

In delivering high value and market leading events we work closely with market leading sponsors, partners and clients internationally.