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Established Importer and Distributor Sourcing Events

Established Importer & Distributor Sourcing Events


Latin America – 13-14 Oct 2021
USA – 01-02 Mar 2022
Canada – 01-02 Mar 2022


Hong Kong – 25-27 Oct 2021
India – 25-27 Oct 2021
Malaysia – 25-27 Oct 2021
Singapore – 25-27 Oct 2021
Taiwan – 25-27 Oct 2021
Vietnam – 25-27 Oct 2021
China – 02-03 Nov 2021
Japan – 16-17 Nov 2021
South Korea – 16-17 Nov 2021


Belgium – 01-03 Feb 2022
Denmark & Sweden – 01-03 Feb 2022
France – 01-03 Feb 2022
Germany – 01-03 Feb 2022
Netherlands – 01-03 Feb 2022
Poland – 01-03 Feb 2022
Russia – 01-03 Feb 2022
Switzerland – 01-03 Feb 2022
United Kingdom – 01-03 Feb 2022

Demand Driven Meetings, exclusively with Importer & Distributor Decision Makers

• Only actively sourcing importers & distributors from each country participate
• The meetings we schedule are demand driven, selected by the importers/distributors based on their current sourcing requirements
• All Buyers invited are provided with your product details and pricing, prior to selecting meetings, to help generate relevant contacts

Importer/Distributor Introduction and Screening Opportunity

• This service identifies importers & distributors actively sourcing new product for their present demand
• Use the meetings to identify sales opportunities and screen potential business partners
• Shortlist the importers/distributors you wish to send samples to and progress business discussions with

The Business Development Event Format & Agenda

• Comprehensive Market Exposure From Start of Importer Campaign to Event Date
• Demand Driven, Pre-Scheduled online Importer/Distributor Meetings
• Additional Meetings & Introductions during the event
  • Comprehensive Importer Databases

    Over the past 10 years we have developed comprehensive databases of, and relationships with importers in each market.

  • Extensive Market Exposure

    Our sales team has continued to find importer demand for a broad range of producers throughout the pandemic in each market we work in.

  • Pre-Scheduled, Demand Driven Meetings

    We have delivered over 5,000 demand driven meetings between importers and producers since the start of the pandemic.

  • Maximum Exposure, With Minimum Competition

    To ensure you gain clear exposure with Importers & Distributors presently sourcing your type of product we limit the number of spirits producers producing per category.

  • The Online Business Meeting Platform

    Your meetings are delivered through our bespoke online platform with full customer support provided throughout the event.

For more information please get in touch:

“We found importers interested in our products and met qualified decision makers. Well organised.”
Loire Propriétés, FRANCE

“We have signed up an importer for our spirits. Very happy with the events.”
Liquid Company, PORTUGAL

“Very happy with the amount of importer meetings we had.”
Cooperativa Falset Marca, SPAIN

“Pleased with the number of meetings we had.”
Méry Melrose Cognac, FRANCE

“I would use your company over anyone else. Very happy with your events.”
Kupal Wines & Spirits, CHILE

“Professional event. Very easy to approach the importers and discuss prospective sales.”
Winery Khareba, GEORGIA

In delivering high value and market leading events we work closely with market leading sponsors, partners and clients internationally.