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About Us

Commerce Interact Ltd is an independent business information, business development and peer-to-peer networking services company. Our research process, client contact management, information dissemination and event formats provide the foundation for our commitment to delivering effective, value for money services to our clients.
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Products & Services

We focus on providing industry and job function specific business strategy meetings for senior executives and targeted, peer to peer interaction to facilitate personal and business development. We operate in North America, Europe and East Asia, where we also offer bespoke business information and business development services.
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World's Leading Wines

World's Leading Wines produces trade tastings, business development events and information services in the world's leading and fastest growing wine markets.  We work exclusively with internationally acclaimed wineries and senior trade representatives throughout USA, China, South Korea, South-East Asia and Europe.
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In delivering high value and market leading events we work closely with market leading sponsors, partners and clients internationally.

Products & Services

Registered Office
Commerce Interact Ltd.
14 Greville Street, 1.4
London EC1N 8SB
United Kingdom